I realised that it is importance for us to preserve nature in order for our survival, World Environment Day -Seema Pimpley

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Seema Pimpley  who has a very deep connect with nature. One has often seen the actress being extremely sensitive towards nature, animals and much more. Being an influencer, Seema has always used her influence in the most positive way possible. On World Environment Day
I was always fascinated by the beauty of nature and everything it has to offer. I used to love spending time outdoors and discovered a newfound love for the importance of protecting the natural habitat.”Understanding the importance of nature for society to survive as a whole, “As I grew older, I realised that it is importance for us to preserve nature in order for our survival. I personally take steps to reduce my carbon footprint in anyway I can.”
Sharing my thoughts on what the World needs right now, “I believe compassion is what the world needs right now, rather always.  Spreading love and given the current atmosphere, caring and showing compassion for each other, the animals and the planet would be my most important message on this day as we celebrate mother earth.”
The importance of co-existence and how we should take care of mother nature as one will be incomplete without it. Talking about how one must protect the environment and ensure that all of us live in peace and harmony.

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