Huma Qureshi: I have always been direct and honest about my life

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Looks like regional cinema has caught Huma Qureshi’s fancy. After playing the protagonist in the Marathi road drama ‘Highway’ (2015), the actress is all set to debut in Malayalam cinema with Uday Ananthan’s ‘White’. The film features her and Malayalam superstar Mammootty in lead roles and revolves around an ageing billionaire falling in love with a young girl.

  1. Tell us about your experience of working in ‘White’.
    A.I had never thought of working in regional cinema as I considered myself a Hindi film actress, but when the script of White came to me and I got to know that it had Mammootty in it, I knew I wanted to be a part of the film. As an actor, I believe that you should be eager to do good cinema and be able to act in any language.
  2. How difficult was it for you to cope with the strict module of the South Indian film industry?
    A.Since July last year, it’s been a crazy experience as far as work culture is concerned. I began by shooting a Hindi film with my brother Saqib in London for a month. I then went on to work with a foreign crew for Gurinder Chadha’s film and then I came back to India to begin working on ‘White’. All three film industries are drastically different from one another. For ‘White’, I was shooting for 14-16 hours a day.


  1. You are a food lover and now that you have shed so much weight, how do you resist temptation?
    A.I can never be that actress who will say ‘Pehle main bahut kharab lagti thi aur ab main bahut acchi dikhti hoon’, I am not going to get into that space. I will always be proud of who I am, where I come from and how I look. Eventually I am an actor and have to work according to my character in the film. So tomorrow if I am asked to cut my hair for a role, I would do it and I’m not going to be apologetic about it. I have said it many times earlier and am saying it again, I will never be ashamed of doing anything and I feel as an actor and as women we should be setting better examples for people.
  2. You are linked to an actor-producer. How do you react to such news about you?
    A.I always clear the air on my social media account and take a stand on all the rubbish that floats around. I have realised that sometimes you say something and it gets misconstrued and published, so there is no point really. My fans can get clarity on all the rumours from my Twitter account. I have always been direct and honest about my life.
  3. What projects are in the pipeline?
    A.Soon there will be an announcement about a project that has my brother and me in it. It’s a Hindi remake of the 2013 film, ‘Oculus’. Then there is ‘Viceroy’s House’ which is being directed by Gurinder Chadha. The cast of the film is huge and it will mark my entry in Hollywood.

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