Here’s where Janhvi Kapoor will be spending her 21st birthda

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Everyone has their hearts going out to Janhvi Kapoor as today happens to be her first birthday without her mom Sridevi. “How depressing would it be? How is she even coping up the huge loss? Is she alright?” Is all that people have been talking about and we really don’t blame them because somewhere even we are feeling the same. After all, Janhvi has lost her mom at such a young age. But turns out the 21 -year old is in fact doing everything to stay strong and brave through this phase to make her mom proud. Like how she had even mentioned in her heartfelt post on Instagram, “On my birthday, the only thing I ask of all of you is that you love your parents. Cherish them and devote yourself to making them feel that love. They have made you.”

We have exclusively learnt that Janhvi, who was deeply attached to Sridevi, has also decided to spend her 21st birthday at an orphanage, a ritual that her mom had initiated in the family, years ago. She wants to continue this practice and try and spread as much love to all those who aren’t even blessed with a family. Indeed, Sridevi must be smiling from the heaven looking at her daughter today.

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