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  1. Shailesh Kotharkar

    I write songs, in English and Hindi languages, so I wanted to bring my songs for Indian films, my written songs are advanced and I can bring new trend, in Indian Bollywood films. I add idioms and phrases in most of my songs that I write, and I can oath my promise, to win Grammy awards, for my lyrics, I need a stand support, for my beginning days. I have registered to Screenwriting Association. My registration number is (( 43872 )). I wish to come to Mumbai, in the last 2 week of this September.. i will.look for your answer. I write my songs and poems childhood days. I need only one oppertunity, at the beginning to give my first set of songs, as the film needs. I have found more ideas, about song writing, the whole world is unaware about it. And so I can win Grammy Awards. For our nation. Think about it, if your stand by support, and one statement, that will make the meaning for your global movie website, and magazine, how fast it will rise up. Every corners of the world. I can compete even to Hollywood film songs. It’s a challenge to win Grammy Award. I am writing to many others, to get basic stand my, to get good producers and directors. After win of my success, I will give and make my talks, with mostly my stand by supporters, at first stake. After my first success, even million dollars, will have no value for me. Mostly good thoughts having a one true simple response, I will respect at first. A small amount, in my pocket for my successful start up. I will respect it, and rise the name of those, till my last breath, for many years
    If I find odd people, I will say good bye, sorry, my songs not sale for levy business, even they ask for songs for million dollars. Thank you.
    I will look for your positive words and your answer.

  2. globalmovie

    Hi,send me your contact detail. will get back to you.

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