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Who doesn’t like the tousled-bed timehair look? Not only is it easy to maintain but it never goes out of style and is uber sexy. With these simple steps, you can get the look right in your home and without any help from a professional.

Here’s how…

1) Wash your hair and do not use any after-shampoo conditioner at all. Let it air dry all the way.

2) Once dry, divide the hair into sections and tease each section slightly with a brush.

3) Hold your hair upside down and apply some hair serum from ear down. Put your hair back up and use your hands to give the hairstyle a shape. If you want a side parting, divide the hair with your fingers and don’t use a comb or a brush.
4) To make the look more manageable, use a curling iron to twist the ends of each section after applying the serum. You can also use a rolling brush to get soft waves.

5) After twisting the ends, run your fingers through the strands softly to get a more defined look.

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