Divyanka Tripathi not ready to have a baby; says “It’s a big responsibility”

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Divyanka Tripathi is not expecting a baby anytime soon!

Divyanka Tripathi not ready to have a baby; says “It’s a big responsibility”
It’s been 2 years since Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya have been married and they have been setting relationship goals ever since. The way they support each other and find happiness in each other’s success is what makes everyone look up to to them. Yet there are some who feel that a marriage is incomplete without a baby and have been speculating if Divyanka is pregnant. However, Divyanka, in the premiere episode of Rajeev Khandelwal’s new show Juzz Baat clarified, “Vivek and I aren’t ready for parenting yet as it’s a big responsibility.” Earlier, Vivek too had seconded Divyanka’s thoughts saying, “We’re not planning a family already. There are a lot of milestones that need to be achieved. We just want to be ready, I don’t think we’re ready right now. The news came out that Divyanka was part of the Forbes list (2017 Forbes India Celebrity 100) and we were really happy about it. We aim to go higher. So, there’s a lot of motivation to keep pushing ourselves forward and achieve more. There’s a lot on our plate. I have things planned for myself career-wise.”

We personally feel the it’s up to the husband and wife to decide when do they want to have baby. It can’t be time bound. What’s more important is to having a loving partner who grows with you and makes you a better person with every passing day and that in a way holds true in Divyanka and Vivek’s case. Reminds us of how Divyanka had once said, “Any marriage doesn’t run on its own. It needs constant polishing for smooth functioning. So, I keep my partner and my family aware that they are my priority. My mind is constantly scheduling and re-scheduling things according to my shoot and my spouse. I plan in advance for holidays so that we all get to spend quality time together. We keep the communication channels open so that there’s little space for confusions.” How much do you idolise Divyanka and Vivek as a couple?

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