Deepika Padukone: I miss having my father around to talk to after a stressful day.

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Deepika Padukone: I miss having my father around to talk to after a stressful day

Deepika Padukone: I miss having my father around to talk to after a stressful day
Some people attract news, some people make news and some people are just newsworthy. My subject for the day is one of those newsworthy candidates, whose every move is singled out, whose every fashion cut is front page headlines, and whose movies burn up the box office charts. Deepika is a head-turner and her latest film, Padmaavat, is making waves that have reached tsunami heights at the box office. So how does Deepika survive the crazy world of showbiz and what sacrifices has she made to reach the pinnacle of her career? On a lazy February afternoon, I caught up with the queen of the movies to congratulate her on the success of Padmaavat and understand how she’s processing all this success.aDeedpikaPadukone_AFP
The one sentiment that echoed through our conversation is how much she misses her family. The fact that she can’t have the comfort of having home-cooked meals or speak to her parents in person, is a big void. But this void has been filled with utmost passion and dedication towards her art. Success didn’t come easy for Deepika and she worked really hard to reach the place where she’s at right now. There were naysayers and trade pundits who predicted a short shelf life despite her blockbuster debut film, Om Shanti Om. Not everything she touched turned to gold; there were debacles and reviews that questioned her talent. But despite the doubts and criticism what stayed persistent was Deepika’s undying passion for her work and her hunger to improve with every film.

The success of Padmaavat is the sweetest for Deepika because she earns the rare title of being the only female to have a Rs 200 crore film with a titular role to her credit. In an industry dominated by men and box office numbers being credited to them, Deepika’s admission that she got paid more than Ranveer and Shahid is an important conversation to have in the pay disparity debate.

Here’s hoping that Deepika shines bright in years to come and like her smile, she radiates nothing but pure joy and honesty towards her art.

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