Daniel Weber: I am grateful to have a wife like Sunny Leone

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Daniel Weber: I am grateful to have a wife like Sunny Leonedownload (2)

Daniel Weber and Sunny Leone always make for a pleasant picture. As husband and wife, the couple journeyed through a tough entertainment business in Canada for several years, and then made their foray into the business in India. Over the last few years, they have toiled hard to reach where they have. As parents to Nisha, and their twins Noah and Asher, they have shared equal responsibility and always cherished being partners in everything they do. Today as the couple completed 10 years of being married, we spoke to Daniel about how he’d encapsulate his journey with Sunny. Daniel says, “In this crazy world, especially the world of entertainment, I feel grateful that I have Sunny as my wife. I feel blessed that she is my partner and an amazing one at that. She’s a wonderful mother to our three kids. It has been 13 years together. We dated for three years and have been married blissfully for a decade now. It’s a crazy life that all of us lead today with all its pressures and the way it tests us time and again. It’s an achievement, especially in the line of work that we are in, that our marriage is going past this landmark. It takes nothing less than hard work, loving one another, intently listening, and always respecting each other to get this far together.”
Earlier in the day, Sunny had also posted a message about her 10th wedding anniversary. She had written, “Happy 10th Anniversary to the man I love! I pray we walk through this life together until our dying days. You are my rock and my hero! Love you baby!!”

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