Covid-19 isn’t over yet. We all have to be careful till it is all over: Maniesh Paul

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Covid-19 isn’t over yet. We all have to be careful till it is all over: Maniesh Paul
The host-actor, who tested positive for Covid-19 and was in quarantine, is back to shooting for a film after testing negative. manish-paul-1-990x556

Two days after he tested negative, Maniesh Paul was back on the sets shooting for Jug Jug Jiyo. The host-actor, alongwith some cast and crew members had tested positive for Covid-19 and had quarantined himself in Mumbai.

Paul admits he wasn’t happy to hear he was positive and says people, who tested positive, deal with Covid in different ways. “One has to take it in the stride. I spoke to my doctor and made sure to follow all instructions. It didn’t affect my morale and neither did I feel sad or upset. I was positive and aur kitna positive hota. Moreover, I am a positive person (laughs)! Jokes apart, I was worried about the number of people I had met before testing. Thankfully, everyone was safe and sound. Things have been good since I tested negative. I didn’t have any symptoms, just a bit of bad throat which is okay now,” he shares.

The host-actor reveals he didn’t have any mantras or routine during quarantine but as his family, too, tested positive, all of them were in quarantine together and they did household work and took care of each other. “I want to tell people, who test positive, not to feel sad or dejected. It’s going to be okay. Make sure you follow the doctor’s instructions. Don’t work or exert your body in any manner. Just take it easy and apna khayal rakho. Everything else can wait. When I see people not wearing masks or wearing it on the chin, I want to request them and everyone else- please don’t let your guard down. Please follow all the protocols. Sanitise hands, wear a mask when you step out of the house and maintain social distance. Abhi Covid khatam nahin hua hai. We all have to be careful till it is all over,” he says.

Back on the shoot of Jug Jug Jiyo, Paul calls the experience of shooting for it “wonderful”. “The director and my co-stars are great. It is a happy set and we are having fun shooting for the film. I was back on the set, two days after I tested negative. This is my happy place and I love working. I love to entertain people,” he signs off.

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