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We all saw how Suyyash Rai got eliminated from Bigg Boss 9 last night! Now maybe you guys expected Suyyash’s eviction, thinking it’s high time for him to leave the show! But Suyyash amusingly is a little perplexed about how this voting system works! In an exclusive conversation with BollywoodLife, the actor revealed how he feels he was deliberately been evicted! He even spoke about Mandana Karimi and how Rishabh Sinha is the biggest pervert on the show! Here check out his 5 shocking revelations in this recent chat with BollywoodLife…

On Mysterious voting
“When I came out and checked out the voting details, I was the second highest this week after Mandana. But then I put 2 and 2 together and I realised how it goes about! I was the captain of the house I should have been immune according to the rules mentioned, but maybe that’s how it was always supposed to work! The show will only keep people who benefit them, benefit their TRPs’! Neither is it scripted, nor is anyone given a cue on how they need to behave inside! Maybe, I was lacking somewhere so it was time for me to leave! But I have no regrets against anyone! It’s a show and they have all the rights to play on the editable! At the end of the day, it’s business right? There can be only one of the match and we need to accept that.”

On Salman Khan deciding the elimination
“Why will he decide the eviction? He has much better things to do in life! He is the host and he’s simply doing his job on the show! See if he genuinely likes someone he will make sure he corrects that person if he/she is going wrong! Atleast he did that too me! He genuinely asked me to apologise to Mandana for being harsh on her and I respected that! So I can openly comment about Salman sir that he has NOTHING to do with eviction!”

On Mandana getting OUT in the next two weeks
“I can give you in written that Mandana is going to leave the house on the 16th of this month. Now that’s according to my calculation! That too because her film Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 is releasing on the 22nd of January so the makers will take her out to promote the film, physically outside the Bigg Boss house! They can’t only play on Bigg Boss ka promotions.”

On who is a pervert and the most unhygienic
Ask him about the most unhygienic person inside the house and he says, “Aman Verma and Gizele Thakral.” Probe him further to name that one person who is a total pervert and he quickly prompted, “Rishabh Sinha. Pervert is an understatement for this man! There is no problem in being a pervert but when you cross that line, then you are a c#$%t! Sorry to say, but that’s what he is! He has said things about girls that are really, really bad!

On his grudges against ex contestants Ankit Gera, Roopal Tyagi and Digangana Suryavanshi
” Ankit and Roopal were brought on the show because they were ex­lovers and the channel hoped to see some spark between the two! But yeh log dosti karne lage.” If they wanted to patch up, they could have might as well gone to a coffee shop why on a show like Bigg Boss? Similarly, Digangana’s parents have made statements that they spent so much money in getting votes for Dig but she still got evicted! Now that’s so stupid! It’s a game yaar! I dunno what is with the ex- contestants but I am glad I was a part of this show and it’s time to move on!

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