Bigg Boss 11: I feel that Hina Khan hasn’t gone wrong anywhere as such, says beau Rocky Jaiswal

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Hina Khan has been the most talked about Bigg Boss 11 contestant in the country right now. Haters and supporters, everyone is only talking about the actress on social media. While a lot of people, including a large number of TV celebs, find her extremely insensitive and a hypocrite, her beau Rocky jaiswal has a different story to tell. In an exclusive interview with us, Rocky opens up about all the hate Hina is getting on the show and whether they have a backup plan to rebuild her image. He feels that there is no damage to Hina’s image and people who love her will support her no matter what.

He also adds that it’s the haters who are making a mountain of a molehill. Hina has been in the news for all the wrong reasons ever since she entered the show. If it wasn’t her views on South Indian actresses being bulgy and on the heavier side, it was her comments on people from the TV industry that got people talking about her. Rocky has stood by her side throughout and even got into a Twitter war with Karan Patel who has been on a rant about Hina on the social media platform.

Here are excerpts from our chat.

How are you guys dealing with the negativity that is hounding Hina these days?

We have faith in Hina, and understand that she is going through a lot! It is also obvious that if somebody is abusing or bringing down your dear one, you will feel upset and stressed out.Though it is nothing in comparison to what she is going through! I would also like to say that the negativity is mostly on social media. Which isn’t much in comparison to the love she is getting from all over the country honestly. We have, in fact, just seen this from a recent survey, that she is topping the charts. I feel that the people who are showering their love on her , are loving her because she always stands right!

Do you feel she has really gone wrong somewhere?

Even though there were some mistakes and bumps down the road, I feel that Hina hasn’t gone wrong anywhere as such. Though that is very common. I feel that somethings which Hina had said, were blown out of proportion by fans of her opponents and other people. But I feel that things will eventually be crystal clear to people because if Hina doesn’t react to them which has been happening since the past couple of weeks, they will eventually come out as how they really are and dig their own grave.

A lot of people are saying it has caused immense damage to her image & BB11 was a bad career choice! What is your take?

None of us really think that it has caused any sort of damage to Hina’s image! Hina’s image as well as her career is way bigger than just one show that she does! Of course the show and journey both are very important! It will surely add onto her personal growth as a human being. But it isn’t the definition of her career. So we don’t think its going to be a conclusion or bad spot on her image honestly. Ultimately Hina is going to come across as a shining and positive personality from this show.

Do you guys have a backup plan to deal with the cross questioning once she is out?

We don’t really need any backup plan! As Hina has cleared all the questioning and everything else on her own inside the house, as well as to Salman Khan on the weekends. Though obioviously there have been some sentiments which have been hurt, so ideally when she comes out she will of course make amends, and she definitely will get things back under control. She will surely somehow cope up and manage all of that. So there isn’t much damage control we have to do, as the damage is just with a few people who are against her. Though the country on the whole is loving and appreciating her.

Do you feel Salman is biased towards camp Shilpa?

I am nobody to really question Salman’s judgement. I don’t think there is any logic to it, and I feel that it will be a misuse of my freedom of speech to express anything out there about this topic! Of course I do feel that whoever has spoken ill about Hina in regard with the other contestants should be under the radar, but just because of that we shouldn’t come to the conclusion that Salman is biased!

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