Bigg Boss 1 Hina Khan’s beau Rocky Jaiswal on Gauri Pradhan’s outburst: She did what a wife would do

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Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan’s beau Rocky Jaiswal on Gauri Pradhan’s outburst: She did what a wife would do
It will be an emotional moment for Hina Khan as beau Rocky Jaiswal enters the Bigg Boss 11 house. The lady who prefers to keep her personal life private introduced him as the premiere night as a special friend but everyone knew they were a couple. Tonight, we will see Rocky J inside the house. The two will have a very emotional meeting and Hina will be seen pleading with him to take her out of the house. It has been a tough journey for the lady so far with a lot of criticism coming her way. In an EXCLUSIVE interview to Bollywood Life, Rocky described his experience inside the house…Excerpts…

How was your experience inside the house?
It was ethereal. I was preparing to control myself once I met Hina but I forgot everything. It was difficult for me. I just wanted to hug her there.

Did you feel that Hina was extremely stressed out?
She was very vulnerable and though she tries to put up with all the nonsense and negativity in the house, it has surely taken a toll on her.

She was crying and wanted to leave with you. Do you want to see her out of the show soon given her emotional turmoil?
The emotions were obvious because she is not playing it fake. She is real and living with real emotions in the house. I would like to see her in the show as long as she stays in the natural format of the show. I am sure that this visit will make her stronger.

You even gave her a ring. Was that an engagement or a proposal?
It was an imaginary ring of the bond we share. The connect that we have even when we are not around each other in the physical form. The warmth that we both have even after such a long separation and lack of communication. It was indeed a proposal but of love and togetherness not of worldly titles.

You did not speak a word with other contestants. Did you forget or did you not wish to?
I did forget everything for a while especially after she was released and hugged me back. But my trance was soon broken with the great voice of Bigg Boss, which ordered everyone else to be released too. I met them briefly and appreciated them as quickly as possible.
Hiten Tejwani’s wife actress Gauri Pradhan seems upset with Hina. What is your take on the matter?
Gauri Ji did what a wife would do. I respect that! I wouldn’t be as brainless as others as to question or accuse her of anything. As a wife, she most certainly would have wanted to clear the air on that statement and if she is happy with how Hiten is doing in the house who are we to judge that? I hope Hiten Sir being the most experienced guy in the house is able to play his own game even if it does not seem to be so. It is actually smarter.

Well, Weekend Ka Vaar is going to be tougher on Hina as Karan Patel enters the house. The Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actress is being trolled mercilessly by him outside Salman Khan’s show. We do not know how Hina will handle his barbs. Stay tuned to Bollywood Life for more scoop and updates…

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