Anas Rashid on marrying a girl 14 years younger to him: She said I am ready to get married to you..

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Fan-girls eat your heart out. Anas Rashid aka Sooraj Rathi of Diya Aur Baati Hum is taken. The handsome hunk is getting married to a girl of his mom’s choice and could not be happier. She also belongs to his hometown, Malerkotla and is working in Chandigarh. The engagement will happen soon and he will be hitched by the end of the year. It seems Anas’ mom was keen to see her son hitched from a really long time. The 38-year-old actor spoke about his chosen one and marriage to Bollywood Life in an exclusive interview..

When did you meet Heena for the first time?
Well, I heard about her from Ammi (mom) and rest of the family members 10 days back. I met her a week ago.

That was quick. Did you ever think it would be finalised so soon?
I never thought about it. I knew that whatever Ammi would decide, I would say yes to it. I took me a minute to say yes to her but in practicality, it happened in a week’s time.

Did you always believe in arranged marriages?
As a teen, I believed in love marriages and thought I would marry in a romantic fashion. But with time and as I experienced life, I felt that arranged marriage would be best for my family and me. It is also good for a girl, I feel.

What does Heena do?
She works in the HR department of a corporate firm in Chandigarh. Heena finished her graduation some time ago. Her family is a huge fan of Diya Aur Baati Hum and loved me as Sooraj Rathi. Her mom said she always wanted a son-in-law like me. It was a huge feeling. Our families know each other quite well.

She is 14 years younger to you….
(Laughs uproariously). C’mon, I am also young. Yes, she is younger to me.

Did you not feel odd when you came to know about it?
I asked Heena if she knew my age. She said I know my age, I am ready to get married to you. I am 24. She asked me if I was ready to marry her? Heena said the age gap does not matter to her. Her sister told me that I look 26.

Do you plan to have a courtship period?
Yes, I am curious to know more about Heena. I feel she should know me better than Sooraj Rathi. Everyone in my hometown knows me as the character. I feel she has to understand the person off-screen. We will need that extra-time together.

Do you want a homemaker or a working wife?
We have spoken about it. I have not imposed any clause on her. However, Heena called me and said she plans to quit her job to learn cooking. We barely knew each other when our alliance was finalised. It is her choice to leave her job. I am a good cook so she is scared (laughs out loud). She is worried that she has to adjust with me.

What is happening on the professional front?
I have been telling fans that I will give them good news. My ammi had been wanting to see me married for a long time. She is waiting for her eldest bahu. All my younger cousins are married and so is my younger bro. All these years, I told her I would get married when I have some time in hand. Her wish is fulfilled and we are very happy. Work-wise, I am waiting for the right role.

Are you more relaxed now?
Yes, I am a relaxed man. I can get back to my work without any tension. The biggest task of finding the girl is done. My mom never disturbed me when I was working for Diya Aur Baati Hum in Mumbai. She would say that I do not wish to stress you when you are already working so hard. I feel a big responsibility is off my head. I will now focus on my work and look for the best opportunity.

Would you do a adventure reality show like Khatron Ke Khiladi?
No, not at all. I can never do a KKK. I can but my ammi’s blood pressure will get affected seeing me do the stunts. She would fall ill every time she saw me doing stunts in Prithviraj Chauhan.

Well, we are sure that Anas’ wedding will be one of the affairs of the year for the TV industry. We will keep you posted on the developments. Stay tuned to Bollywood Life for more scoop and updates…

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