Alia Bhatt: I want to be remembered for the movies and characters I do.

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Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt joined filmmaker and mentor Karan Johar for a session India Economic Summit in Delhi and spoke at length about her successful journey in the film industry and she handles the success.

“I want to be remembered for the movies and characters I do. I give a lot of heart into my characters…I want to be that impact on everybody. I have no idea of how well i am doing, what am I doing and what will if I sit back and assess every step that i take, I am going to lose a lot. So, I just go with the flow,” Alia said.

Asked about her response to the criticism and love that comes her way, being a celeb, Alia said, “Initially I was very vulnerable and I was also very hungry to prove (myself). But with experience and in the last two years, it just came a bit of realisation to me is that the only constant in life is change. So, today I may be getting lot of love, tomorrow I won’t, may be. Today may be I am getting lot of hate, tomorrow I won’t, may be.”

Replying to a query on changing technologies, the actor described herself as “technology challenged” amongst those present.

Karan, who moderated the discussion, said, “When we talk about my industry, the movies, I feel extremely unfortunate when we say that we are not really on an upward swing at the moment. Cinema and cricket used to be two forces of entertainment on our land, and now, we (cinema) are fighting so many obstacles internally with other verticals, like digital and television are constantly growing and we are still surviving and combating reduced footfalls in cinemas.”

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