Akshay Kumar: I’m not a star at home, I’m a son, husband, brother and father first

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Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is currently celebrating the New Year in Cape Town, South Africa with his family. Talking about his family trip with a leading tabloid, Akshay said, “We have done nothing but eat and chase all the kids around the mountains. People think I’m lucky because I’m famous, but there’s nothing more fulfilling than being an average dad doing average things but still bringing the biggest smiles to the ones I love.”
Talking about his kids, he said, “My kids, they can be doing anything they wish, but as long as I’m in their vicinity, I’m happy. Aarav loves adventure and even my little princess likes to get mucky just as long as she’s wearing pink or purple when she’s doing it. I’m not a star at home, I’m a son, husband, brother and father first. And my kids have been brought up knowing I’m just like every other man trying his best, the only thing they witness out of the ordinary is the paparazzi. They come to see all my films with humble hearts and never with an attitude of supremacy. That comes from teaching them that everyone is equal and only opportunities changes the outcome of people’s lives not momentary status.”
On the work front, the actor is currently busy promoting his upcoming film ‘PadMan’. Stay tuned for more updates.

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