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aksar-2-movie-trailer-2-unveiled-release-on-17th-november: Gautam Rode and Mohit Madaan shine in a film that could have been a really good thriller
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Along with Vidya Balan’s Tumhari Sulu, the other moderate budget film releasing this Friday is Aksar 2. It marks the comeback of TV actor, Gautam Rode, in films. Directed by Anant Mahadevan, it also stars Zareen Khan and Abhinav Shukla. The film is shot mostly in the lush locales of Mauritius.

What is it about?
Mrs Dolly Khambatta (Lillette Dubey) is a super rich 70-plus senior citizen with no heir. Her close aides include Gaurav (Sreesanth) and an investment banker (Patrick Sharma). Plus there are motley of characters who eyes are on her wealth. Zareen Khan aka Sheena Roy bags the job of her full time nurse and governess but she too has ulterior motives like the rest. The film is an out-and-out thriller with a stretched game of one-upmanship. So, who manages to usurp whom and get the wealth at the end? That is for you to find out…

What is hot?
The film retains its essence of being a thriller till the end. The first half is engaging though the narrative is somewhat old school, revolving around an old lady and her wealth. It does not waste much time in establishing the premise. Patrick fancies the property and wealth of Mrs Khambatta and enlists Sheena’s support. But she is more than just an aide. Gautam Rode, as the greedy and sleazy investment banker, is pretty good. His performance will stay with you for a few days. Zareen Khan has an interesting role but her performance is very mediocre. Abhinav Shukla does nothing other than indulging in long smooching sessions with Zareen. Actor Mohit Madan, who plays the scheming butler, does a fine job. S Sreesanth is okay as the slimy lawyer. Though made on a tight budget, the film looks good. It is mandatory for Bollywood thrillers to have great songs but Aksar 2 has only one decent number Aaj Zid shot sensuously with Gautam and Zareen. The background score is decent. There are a few F-words used in the film and they suit the milieu.

What’s not?
Aksar 2 suffers from the curse of the second half. The first half also unravelled slowly but had its punches. The second half is full of twists and turns but not all of them engage as they were expected to do. Some of them are predictable. Moreover, the song Tanhaiyaan is unnecessary and looks unintentionally funny. While the seduction scene between Gautam-Zareen is a part of the plot, the rest is just to titillate. Moreover, Zareen is not captured flatteringly in the songs Jaana Ve and Tanhaiyaan, which is a huge disservice to the actress. We expected a bit more from the character of Mrs Khambatta in the second part. It is sad that the writers did not invest a bit more in her.
Aksar 2 could have been a far better film than what it turned out to be, especially the second half. However, Gautam Rode’s fans can take heart from his sincere effort.

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