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About Seema Pimpley

Not too many entrepreneurs can be said to be embodiments of their enterprise. But Seema Pimpley is certainly one. She is slim and svelte. She is, of course, beautiful in the classical Indian mold, and she carries herself with the grace that only comes with enormous self confidence. The sort of self confidence that is engendered, quite possibly, from the knowledge that one is entirely self made. And that Seema Pimpley certainly is.

Seema Pimpley is an eminent entrepreneur from Mumbai, India. She is the Publisher and Managing Director of the Global Movie Media Company Private Limited. Global Movie Media Private Limited Company has varied interests – Movie Magazine, Production, Reality Supermodel shows and short film festivals. She espouses a bold business philosophy based on being unafraid to take chances, and has backed that up by repeatedly tackling the establishment.

GLOBAL MOVIE MAGAZINE:(Media Mag International) has within a brief span of time become a name to reckon within the media. We are a multi-dimensional media company involved in a multitude of activities in print media & is under process to venture into large mediums like Film Production, Festival name ‘Short Film Festival’, a unique concept of ‘Global Movie Awards’, Reality Super Model Shows and an exciting web channel full of entertainment. Readers need to watch out this space for more!

Our leading publication Global Movie Magazine is one of the India’s leading Bollywood movie magazine which deciphers about their life & style. The monthly magazine enjoys the readership in 12 countries all over world. The exclusive news, views and interviews have become the talk of the world. In addition to reaching out to all the important cities in India, our magazine is popular in international cities like Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, USA, UK etc. The magazine has been appreciated on more than one occasion for its bold presentation of facts. Global Movie is a Mumbai based magazine with over 7 years in the market. We are basically Bollywood based but also cover cinema from Korea, Japan, Spain, Hong Kong, etc. the usual columns include Director’s Cut, Interviews of actors, 6-pg coverage to events including premiers, success parties, product launches, store opening, music releases, movies promotions etc. We are to play a long innings and this is possible only with our reader loyalty. We cherish this and will continue to serve you. Champion the new brand of journalism widely dubbed as “film-journalism” with over two hundred citizen reporters all over Mumbai and special correspondent to cover film industry.