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When Seema Pimpley decided to enter in the Journalism and Publication business, the market was dominated by 4-5 Brands catering to the Film / Bollywood segment, Who had carried 4-5 decades of Legacy with them.

Seema found there was a huge gap which could be breached as the Market was being dominated with a mindset of 50s to the 90s. The 21st Century had not arrived.

Today the demographics and the taste of people have changed dramatically, the youth is the biggest connosier of reading magazines with diverse tastes and keeping this in mind Global Movie Magazine kept the Global Audience with an Indian heart in mind when they set out in their Journey of Publication business.

GLOBAL MOVIE MAGAZINE: (Media Mag International)┬áhas within a brief span of time become a name to reckon within the media. We are a multi-dimensional media company involved in a multitude of activities in print media. Our leading publication Global Movie Magazine is one of the India’s leading Bollywood movie magazine which deciphers about their life & style. The National & International monthly magazine printed and publisher from Mumbai and enjoys readership in 12 countries all over world. The exclusive news, views and interviews have become the talk of the world. In addition to reaching out to all the important cities in India, our magazine is popular in international cities like Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, USA, UK etc…

Our publication are fast being recognized for comprehensive analysis of Events Covering a wide range of subjects the magazine has been appreciated on more than one occasion for its bold presentation of facts. The exclusive news, view and interviews have become the talk of the town. Our readership profile comprise of, beside the entertainment industry, Global Movie is a Mumbai based magazine with over 5 year in the market. We are basically Bollywood based but also cover cinema from Korea, Japan, Spain, Hong Kong, etc. the usual columns include Director’s Cut, Interviews of actors, Our lifestyle segment, Candid Encounter’s. Tittle-Tattle and 6-pg coverage to events including premiers, success parties, product launches, store opening, music releases, movies promotions etc. so at any such instances, our correspondent along with the photographer is present for extensive coverage. We’ve a decent readership in Australia, since we started back in march 2010

Our exclusive, unbiased content is the cause of our growing readership. We are to play a long innings and this is possible only with you our reader loyalty. We cherish this and will continue to serve you. Champion the new brand of journalism widely dubbed as “film-journalism” with over two hundred citizen reporters all over Mumbai and special correspondent to cover film industry.

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