A fan called Sidharth Malhotra “Kamdev” and his reaction cannot be missed

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A fan called Sidharth Malhotra “Kamdev” and his reaction cannot be missed
It’s amusing how fans love taking pride in addressing their favourite celebrities with all sorts of nicknames. I mean, obviously it’s just their way to let the actor know that look, you belong to me and I am your biggest fan! But little did Sidharth Malhotra ever expect in his wildest of dreams that someone would call him “Kaamdev” one day. So this revelation happened during our interview when we made Sid react to some of the craziest fan tweets or let’s just call them the “thirst tweets”. While Sid was already embarrassed considering I warned him about the fantasising tweets coming his way. Soon dropped the bomb of “Kaamdev” and there…there.. Sid didn’t know where to look and hide his face. For those of who don’t know, Kaamdev refers to the ‘Lord of desire’. Ahem!

There was also this another tweet where a girl complained about not getting to kiss someone in the last 4 years and how Sid’s onscreen kiss with actresses is making it even more difficult for her. To which Sid laughingly advised, “I think 4 years is too much. Just take the plunge, go for it.” Here, watch the video below:

This reminds us of an interview from 2015 when Sid had admitted being hot ever since childhood. He had said, “In school, no girl offered to tie me a rakhi. So, it was a compliment.” Well, of course, silly! Which girl would want to ruin the chance of dating you? Okay

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