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8 unexplored bike trips from Mumbai leading to hidden destinations

*1. Kilad, Vansda National Park (285 km):*

Kilad forest campsite near Saputara is a cool, unexplored getaway less than 300km from Mumbai. The ride to Saputara via Igatpuri along lush green fields and a view of the hills is marvelous. The last stretch leading to Kilad is adventurous with rocky, uneven roads. You can take your bike right into the Vansda National Park and take up accommodation over there for the weekend. The nearby Gira waterfalls are worth taking a dip into and this whole trip is an excellent option for nature lovers.

*2. Dapoli (215 km):*

A 200km bike ride through a route full of twists and turns will take you to the Murud beach. You can chill out while gazing at the star-lit night sky amidst a sexy, cool breeze. Next morning, take a swim in the ocean, try riding your bike on the half-wet beach sand and proceed towards other beaches like Karde, the busy fishermen coast of Harnai and the beautiful and secluded Anjarla.

*3. Bhandardara via Murbad (165 km):*

A route that includes great roads as well as tricky ghats, getting to Bhandardara via Murbad is a great experience for bikers. You can take the Mumbai-Kalyan-Murbad-Majshej-Bhandardara-Ghoti-Igatpuri-Mumbai route. This trip can serve as the perfect monsoon getaway with hills, greenery, water bodies and all that stands for natural beauty included in your itinerary.

*4. Udwada (185 km):*

Take a trip to the coastal town of Udwada which also contains the Zoroastrian Atash Behram – the oldest place of worship of its kind which has established Udwada as a popular pilgrim centre. The highway is in extremely good shape and will let you cruise along at whatever speed you prefer. Try out some delicious Parsi food, you will never forget it.

*5. Pelhar dam (57 km):*

This dam is extremely close to Mumbai and is ideal for a one-day ride. At just 57 km from Mumbai, the Pelhar lake is located in the Pelhar Village, about 3 km away from Vajreshwari. A waterfall is located near the Pelhar Dam and is mostly visited by tourists during the monsoon season. This reservoir is surrounded by the Tungareshwar mountain range and is known for lush green forests which are rich in wildlife including foxes, wild boars, hare and leopards (that can be spotted from the dam itself).

*6. Kaas (284 km):*

Late monsoons are the best time to take this ride. The road through beautiful landscapes will make your trip worth the time and once you are done seeing the flowers, you can chill out at Mahabaleshwar for the rest of the weekend.

*7. Aaravi beach (182 km):*

A little ahead of Diveagarh lies the beautiful Aaravi beach. You need to take a left before Alibag to Kurul and ride along the coast down south. The bumpy narrow road goes through some marvellously scenic landscapes comprising of hill climbs, cliffs and white sand beaches. You can load your bikes on a boat to cover the Rajapuri to Dighi distance and then ride on to Aaravi.

*8. Toranmal hill station (463 km):*

Located in the Satpura range, Toranmal is a beautiful yet hidden hill station. There are two routes you can take – via NH3 & MSH1 and return (900 kms trip) or Via NH8 – NH6 – SH5 – SH2 and return via MSH1 – NH3 (950 kms trip). The last 30 kms to Toranmal is exciting with a beautiful lake view just ahead of Ranipur Village. The ghats provide some adventurous riding opportunities with interesting hair pin bends and a forest like ambiance. At 1400m above sea level and no cellphone network, it is a fine choice for that perfect getaway from the cityimg

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