Sumit Kaul on Nazar: It is more challenging for actors to work on unreal concepts

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Sumit Kaul on Nazar: It is more challenging for actors to work on unreal concepts

Actor Sumit Kaul who became a household name with his role of Justin in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat will be playing the part of Niyati’s dad on the show. This is also his first show in this genre. He told us, “One important aspect in the graph of my character would be his relationship with his daughter, and it’s a very unique relationship, is all I can say. But apart from that my character plays a pivotal role throughout the series. Although he is extremely passionate about what he does he’s extremely private and understated which makes him very mysterious and maybe even appear negative to some. He is one of those guys who is extremely dependable but not very approachable. Whether or how he is associated with the super natural aspect of the show is something I can’t divulge right now as it would ruin the mystery not just of the character but also of the show. I will let it reveal itself to you all.”

Like many young actors, Sumit will also be playing a father to a 20-year old in the show. While many object to daddy roles, he is quite open about the idea. He says, “Yes I am playing a father on screen for the very first time! And to a much older girl than would be possible for my age. But again I didn’t chose this particular show because I am a playing a father essentially, but the project and concept overall interested me. The genre is new for me. Something I haven’t worked on before! For most of the audience these concepts are almost unreal, so as an actor these things become even more challenging for me, which I honestly enjoy working on!”

He added that making people relate to a character’s fear in a supernatural show is no mean feat. He said, “Now when you talk about horror,we are talking about fear of the unknown. And when you speak about the unknown, its based more on one’s imagination, which is a bit away from reality. All this for me too is fiction, and so is it for most people! So making people relate to your character’s fears and challenges in such a scenario requires an actor to truly use his or her craft.” The show has Monalisa as a Daayan. The promos are quite creepy and we have to see how it unfolds.

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