How Akshay Kumar stays fit without going to the gym! This fitness freak does not follow the conventional rules to stay in shape.

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Revealed — How Akshay Kumar stays fit without going to the gym!

This fitness freak does not follow the conventional rules to stay in shape.


Akshay Kumar is a brand of his own. He does not belong to any Bollywood camp, he does not stick to tried-and-tested formulas of success, he is unconventional and we love his ruggedness and willingness to try different things. This confidence oozes out when it comes to his fitness as well. Putting the conventional, gym routine aside, he does what is natural and manages to flaunt a perfectly chiselled physique that neither looks artificial nor unhealthy. We love this fact about Akki and if you are wondering how he manages to do so, we have the answers for you.

How Akshay stays fit

Akshay does not have any specific fitness trainers, he is his own master who does what his heart desires. On occasions he steps into a gym but does not stick to a particular set routine. On an everyday basis, he believes in staying fit the natural way. He’d rather climb a 50-storey building twice than do reps with dumbbells.

The actor is a fan of any sort of outdoor workout such as Parkour, freestyle workout, functional training, rock climbing, basket ball, and the likes. According to him, fitness needs to be utilitarian not about having a bulky body with biceps, triceps and 6 packs. It’s more important to eat right and exercise each and every muscle .

Akshay Kumar owes his unique outlook towards fitness to martial arts, particularly Karate (he has a 6th degree black belt in Kuyukai Gojuryu Karate). He has also delved in other martial arts like Muay Thai, a Thai kickboxing technique. In fact, he  loves martial arts so much he wants it included in the school curricula and considers it along with yoga to be the most complete forms of exercise.

Akshay’s dos and don’ts

The actor claims that he wakes up at 4:30 am and goes to bed by 9 pm without fail. He avoids night shifts as far as possible. He does go to the gyms in the morning but says he has no set routine. Instead he just ‘fools’ around for an hour and a half doing whatever his heart desires. In his own words, ‘he does anything and everything that inspires him and pushes his limits.’

He also does not endorse 6-8-pack abs that most Bollywood actors flaunt these days. According to him, ‘It takes a long time to make abs. Tehelte tehelte nahi ban jaate abs (It is not a cakewalk to get such abs).’ All that is shown onscreen might not be real either. I don’t endorse these six-pack or eight-pack abs. I believe in the natural way of maintaining a good body.’

His latest method to strengthen his core is with the use of special beads he got from Singapore. They weigh about 2-3 kg and he uses them to condition his core. He also wears them around his neck and swings them around as part of the exercise. These wooden beads are effective in burning fat and toning the abdomen.  

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Food to be lean and mean

No exercise regime is complete without a proper diet and Akshay has one which is easy to follow. He sticks to normal home-cooked Indian food. He usually starts his day with a heavy breakfast which comprises eggs, parathas and a juice or milkshake. Lunch comprises adabba he brings from home usually regular daal-roti-chawal-sabzi.He’s a big fan of Gujrati cuisine and raids Paresh Rawal’s tiffin whenever they are shooting together. Dinner’s usually a light meal; soup, salad and chicken.

What’s most important is the fact that he has a very light dinner which doesn’t have any carbs. Whenever he feels hungry in-between meals he snacks on dry fruits and actually stays away from tea and coffee. The actor’s diet is very interesting because dry fruits are not only the perfect fillers but help curb diseases like diabetes and heart disease and even aid digestion.

The actor claims he does have to occasionally curb his sweet tooth and only has sweets on Sundays. In fact he lets himself go on Sundays and eats anything that comes his way. Chocolate cakes, gulab jamunand other Indian sweetmeats he has in moderation. On other days, he swears by his amla juice and follows a strict diet.

What we can really learn from his exercise and diet regime is that it’s not about bulking up but eating right and living a healthy life. And looking at him at the age of 47 we can’t disagree how right he is.


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