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5 places to Celebrate Christmas in India

With Christmas around the corner, all you guys might be a little confused as to where to bring in your Christmas eve. A colorful Christmas is something we cannot and must not miss out on. India known for its variety of festivities and passion for spending festivals of different cultures in a colorful and jolly manner, has quite a few options to start the last and most awaited week of the year in a pompous style. Listed below are top 5 places to consider spending your Christmas, if not bring in the new year.

*1. Goa*

Goa is undoubtedly the best place in India to celebrate Christmas. The Internationally acclaimed Sunburn festivals takes place during Christmas in Goa, where lot of tourists and locals gather to share the joy of season. Beaches will be immensely crowded with night parties and food joints serving international and Christmas special cuisines at discounts.

*2. Mumbai*

Mumbai, the financia capital of India becomes a party hub during the Christmas season. All the major streets in the suburbs will be covered with lights and Christmas trees on streets is a common sight. The festival continues till New Year, with the fireworks display on the 31st of December in Marine Lines, being the biggest attraction. If you are a party lover, Mumbai is the exact place to hit with street parties and nightclubs opened with offers to welcome the New Year.

*3. Kerala*

If you are looking for a place to celebrate Christmas with your family, Kerala is the perfect place- probably the only state in India where Christmas celebrations reach each and every corner. Houses will be decorated, even weeks before the Christmas eve and most churches will be open all night. Christmas carols will be performed by groups and adding to the celebrations, restaurants and shops offer discounts on food and drinks. Shopping malls will also have attractive stalls to celebrate the festival.

*4. Manali*

Manali, the hill station in Himalayas is probably the one place in India where nature provides the true spirit of Christmas- snow. People from all around the world come to celebrate Christmas and New Year here. Hotels offer festive packages including parties and snow sports. With people roaming around, indulging in snowball fights and building snow castles, Manali can give you an unforgettable Christmas experience.

*5 Shillong*

Shillong, the north eastern state of India celebrates the festival in style. Most churches in the region have local bands playing Christmas songs throughout the month. Local dance troops will also perform events during this time. The churches will be decorated and in some areas, people celebrate on the street as well. The area’s higher Christian population makes the festival more energetic. The chilly cold climate of this state fits well for the season and it’s a best place to celebrate Christmas away from the crowds.

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