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5 Mind-boggling Beaches you shouldn’t miss out on

*Radhanagar, Andaman and Nicobar*
The turquoise colored sea of Radhanagar has sandy beaches and warm sun. Looking for some sun, surf and sand, solitude, perfect wave or just space to build castles with the kids, we have got dozens of beaches.

Radhanagar Beach: Silky white sand bordered by emerald green forests and turquoise water, paradise couldn’t be better than this. Situated on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the beautiful beach was rated the best in Asia by Time magazine. Go on a leisurely stroll, go snorkeling to watch the coral reefs or simply watch the sun set on the distant horizon.

Getting there: Ferries are the easiest way to get to Havelock Island. It takes about four hours to reach. Port Blair is connected with Chennai and Kolkata by air. Stay at: Symphony Palms Beach Resort, Beach No 3, Govind Nagar Beach, Havelock.

*2.Agonda, Goa*
Agonda has great spots for sunbathing, relaxing and swimming, with still relatively few tourists. Agonda is a nice long pristine stretch of beach. Though the waters here might not be the most ideal place for swimming (you have better beaches with calm waters in Goa),
Agonda is definitely a place for those who want to quit on a Monday morning. Most mobile connections do not work here (of those having SIM cards easily available to foreigners, only Vodafone does), so that is an added bonus for those looking forward to a quiet and relaxed holiday. Or, if you do need to party sometimes, Palolem is just 15 minutes by motorbike (10 km) away – but Agonda is generally cheaper, quieter, hassle-free and has much less “touristic” feel.

*3. Mandrem, Goa*
Mandrem is, for many, the best-kept secret on the north Goan coast, as laid back and languid a destination as you could possibly hope for. Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda are the orders of the day, and you’ll find ever-changing options for spiritually slanted exercise and enlightenment along its sands. Head here for a day or two of beach-bound bliss, and you might find it hard to tear yourself away. Most accommodation, dining and alternative therapy options are ranged along the narrow beach-access road, or on the sparkling sands themselves.

*4.Paradise Beach, Pondicherry*
If you are looking for paradise look no further!

This pristine private beach is meticulously taken care of and offers a host of benefits – from food and beverages to showers and restrooms, all just a few meters away. Swimming is permitted close to the shore only, as currents can be strong further in. Bring a change of clothes if you plan to take a dip.

The restaurant shack offers a variety of cuisines and beverages with your meal. The aromas from the kitchen, the rustic ambience, the rustle of coconut trees, the swishing of the waves and the feel of sand between your toes is sure to be etched in your memory for years to come.
If you are with friends and family you could also put in a game of beach volleyball. Just ask the friendly staff for the ball. You may even get a few passers-by wanting to join the game. If not, take up beach chairs and relax with a book or iPad, or just stare into the vast expanse before your eyes.
Whether it is a couple of hours or the entire day Paradise Beach is a must do during your trip to Pondy. Located just 8 kms. from the town, along the Cuddalore Main Road this beach can be accessed only from the Chunnambar Resort via boats.

*5.Elephanta Beach, Andaman and Nicobar island*
Elephant Beach is approximately 20 minutes by boat from the Havelock Island dock. If you have visited the Havelock Island and have not visited Elephant Beach then you have missed something very good.This destination offers beautiful white sand beach along with an amazing coral reef which starts at a depth less than a metre. Wondering, how is this possible? Well, this happens only at the Andaman Islands and would not be found at many destinations across the globe.

The white sand beach and the blue green water at the Elephant beach is enticing for almost every traveler. The boat ride to Elephant beach passing through the light house is amazing. Add this attraction to your to do list and we will plan it perfectly.

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