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Hairstylist Asgar Saboo shares his fail-proof 5 step guide to help you straighten your hair from home.

To step out of the house with glossy, smooth and perfectly straight hair is every woman’s dream. And while we all have our own frizz-taming routines, it’s important to get the technique right and use the adequate products and tools, as hair straightening can be very damaging to the hair if done improperly. Hairstylist to the stars Asgar Saboo shares his fail-proof 5-step guide to help you straighten your hair from home and keep your locks looking silky.

Step 1: Use a high quality bristle brush to detangle your hair, as these type of brushes evenly distribute the sebum from the scalp to the ends of the hair and will keep your locks looking shiny and frizz-less.

Step 2: Apply a heat serum to wet or towel-dried hair. Start with one pump of product and rub it into the palm of your hands before distributing it evenly. Avoid letting the product get near the roots, as this can make your hair look lank and greasy.

Step 3: Divide your hair in sections and clip them up. Blow dry each section going from root to tip, carefully pulling the round brush away from your head as you do so. It’s best to use your hair dryer at medium temperature settings to avoid drying out your hair.

Step 4: Once your hair is dry, clamp the straightening iron around your hair and gently smoothen each strand. Choose small strands for more effective results. It’s best to use the straightener about an inch away from the roots to get a little bit of volume, advises the hair expert.

Step 5: Apply a shine-boosting serum to finish off the look.

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