Shah Rukh Khan is like a tiger – Manoj Tiwari

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Shah Rukh Khan is like a tiger – Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Tiwari shares the experience of singing and recording the Fan Anthem’s Bhojpuri version for Shah Rukh Khan

After Jiya Ho Bihar Ke Lala (Gangs Of Wasseypur), popular Bhojpuri singer, actor and MP, Manoj Tiwari recently sang the Bhojpuri version of Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan anthem Jabra. Elated with the response, he says, “I have a Bhojpuri song which got 12 million views on YouTube in 12 years but the Jabra song got the same number of hits within 12 days.” He further adds, “After recording this song, I knew that I have a hit song for next two-three years. Before recording, I got a call from Shah Rukh bhai saying, ‘Yaar Manoj, zara achche se gaana gaa dena.’ Singing a song for Shah Rukh Khan is a big thing for any singer. A singer always dreams of sing for him and I’m happy to get this opportunity. After the recording Shekhar (Ravjiani) said my voice suits SRK. I was happy to hear this kind of feedback.”

Manoj says he didn’t believe it in the first place when his manager told him about the call from Yash Raj Films to sing a song for Fan. He explains, “When my manager told me that there is a Shah Rukh Khan film called Fan and YRF is asking you to sing a song for the film, it was a big offer so I didn’t believe him. I asked him to cross check. Then he told me that Raja Mukerji had called him. Only then was I sure that this is serious.”

Sharing the experience of recording Jabra, he says, “When I went to record the song at YRF Studios, Shekhar bhai was present along with director Maneesh Sharma. When I heard the song, I was a little unsure about the lyrics, though I loved the tune. It’s very catchy. Before recording the song, I asked Maneesh to show me how the song has been shot and what Shah Rukh is doing in it, because I wanted to understand the mood of the song. I tried to bring the feeling of a fan in the song.”

Manoj is also an SRK fan. Explaining why, he says, “I’m fan of his existence, his work and popularity. He’s like a tiger. I’m fan of the way he plans and works. I’m not saying that I’m fan of everything he does but yes, I’m fan of his struggle.”


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